The best technology

In this time of remote education, good teaching requires good technology. At SKIES, we create our own technology and are limited only by time and imagination.

We are the developers of SKIES Learn, a platform that lets teachers make interactive lessons. In SKIES, everything is broken down into media-rich “cards”, and there are many places students can attach their work. It’s easy for teachers to provide feedback to their students, and for students to communicate.

SKIES was designed from its inception to support in-class instruction as a blended learning tool. In March 2020, schools closed, and the future of SKIES was in doubt. But within days, teachers had adapted it for remote instruction. We added text and audio chat functionality to SKIES to support this use. It is now being used daily by nearly 1,000 teachers and 15,000 at-home students in the Los Angeles area.

SKIES is the perfect technology to support the S3 curriculum and its pedagogy of scaffolding, deliberate practice, and collaboration.

Technology prerequisites

Your child will need access to one of the following hardware configurations:

  • iPad Air 2 or above, iPad Mini 4 or above, or iPad Pro (any model) + external keyboard; OR
  • Chromebook with webcam + mini dry erase board + markers + eraser; OR
  • Laptop with webcam + mini dry erase board + markers + eraser.

The device will need a reliable connection to the Internet.