The best pedagogy

How We Teach

Lead instructors Julius Su and James Maloney have worked with students from all backgrounds and at all levels:

  • K-5 students as partners of San Pascual STEAM Magnet and Estrella Elementary;
  • K-12 students throughout Pasadena and Los Angeles as science outreach directors at Caltech;
  • High school students as lead instructors for our Caltech summer science program;
  • College students as a professor at Pasadena City College; and
  • Graduate students as a head teaching assistant at Caltech.

We have worked with hundreds of K-12 teachers on developing lessons, and are experienced at developing math, science, and writing curriculum.

Throughout our work, we have found that the following teaching methods are helpful to ALL students:

  • Scaffolding: We chunk challenging material into pieces, and teach the pieces in a systematic and structured way, from most basic to most advanced.
  • Deliberate practice: We check for understanding, perform formative assessments, and provide immediate feedback and direct instruction.
  • Collaborative environment: We perform regular non-optional interventions, combining peer teaching with small-group instruction to ensure all students are thriving.
  • High expectations and collective self-efficacy: We share a common belief that all students can achieve at a high level, and that we can drive this.

These methods are further supported by research:

We will use these methods to teach your child and the other students in S3.

Will my child be able to learn successfully?

This depends 100% on the effort they put in.

But we promise to teach them well and provide them with a supportive environment for learning. With one instructor for every 10 students and full-time synchronous teaching, we will be there to make sure your child has every opportunity to learn and stay on track.