S3: Skies Summer School For Grades 2-5

Advanced Online Instruction in Math and Writing

Keep Your Kids Safe and Busy With More Instruction

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Recommended by Caltech’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach

You’re working all day. Your kids are also in the house all day. School is out. How will you get any work done?

Most virtual programs require a lot of supervision.

What they say:What they mean:
1 hour of Zoom per dayYou’ll be watching them for the other 5 hours
Self-paced and self-guidedParent-paced and parent-guided
Full of fun activities!You’ll be doing those with them!
1:1 tutoringFor an hour a day

We offer more instruction. Our summer school offers live, synchronous, interactive instruction from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm daily. During that time, your child will be in a virtual classroom, socializing with other students, and receiving instruction from our dedicated teachers.

There will be one instructor for every ten students, ensuring your child gets the attention and support they need throughout the day.

Classes run from June 15 to July 24, and meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A typical daily schedule:

8:30 to 10 amMath block
10 to 10:30 amRecess break
10:30 to noonSmall group instruction in math and writing
Noon to 1 pmLunch break
1 to 2:30 pmWriting block

With all the instruction we offer, your child will be fully engaged and learning all day!

Advanced Elementary Instruction

We’re serious about education. This year, working with over 50 elementary schools, we’ve observed two gaps in almost every child’s knowledge:

  • how numbers and variables work together in expressions and equations — the language of mathematics;
  • how to write complex sentences — critical for writing paragraphs and essays.

When these gaps aren’t closed, students fail. 1/3 of high school students fail Algebra, and 3/4 of high school students can’t write with any proficiency.

These skills are hard to learn later, but easy to learn early.

Your child will want to do amazing things in the future. Our 6 week program goes well beyond what regular school offers, with advanced lessons in Algebra and Writing, as applied to Literature, History, Science, Music, and Art. It gives your child the skills and knowledge they will need to change the world.

Weekly Topics


Week 1
Week 1
The Language of Math
Week 2
Week 2
Expressions and Word Problems
Week 3
Week 3
Rearranging Expressions
Week 4
Week 4
Making Sense of Variables
Week 5
Week 5
Solving Equations
Week 6
Week 6
Solving Word Problems


Week 1
Week 1
Classic Stories. What Makes a Sentence a Sentence?
Week 2
Week 2
Plants and Animals. Joining Sentences Using Conjunctions.
Week 3
Week 3
Space Exploration. Adding Details Using Appositives.
Week 4
Week 4
Fighting for a Cause. Combining and Expanding Sentences.
Week 5
Week 5
Heros and Villians. Taking Notes and Making Outlines.
Week 6
Week 6
Musical Journeys. Writing Topic Sentences and Paragraphs.

Fun, Social, and Supportive

Our SKIES technology brings a social element to remote teaching. It’s interactive, media-rich, and contains so many ways to communicate. The lessons are thought-provoking, with elements taken from literature, science, history, music, and art.

Instruction is engaging. We explain through live text, live drawings, and live video. After each segment, students submit work, and we grade it and provide feedback within minutes. This deliberate practice has a powerful effect — students improve, and quickly. Kids like getting better at things.

Students can work independently, in groups with their friends, or in small groups with the instructor. The social and supportive atmosphere will keep your child motivated and learning.

It Really Works — They’ll Love Learning!

S3 helped improve state test results across an entire school.

Not only did students learn math, they ended up loving it. They worked through recess to solve problems. Many students looked forward to the state test. “This is the first time I’ve seen them want to take that test,” said a teacher.

Who are you?

Our company was started by two Caltech graduates, Julius and James. During the school year, our team works with schools in Los Angeles to improve student achievement through technology and teacher training.

During the summer, we usually run a high school science program at Caltech. Now we are offering — for this year — a program to make what we are doing with a few elementary schools available to everyone. This is a unique opportunity, so you should


Tuition is $1,500. Flexible payment plans are available. We offer a 50% discount to children of teachers or principals.

Apply Below and Give Your Child a Lifelong Advantage

All of our spaces have been filled! Thank you for your interest, and please check out this website next year.